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Support Needed :Day Care Centre, Dhenkanal, (DCCD) Odisha

Date 03 Aug 2020

Project : Anganwadi


There are millions of poor people in the Odisha. What is our responsibility towards them? Should we help them? How can we help them? This is what we do and it’s just handful, it’s in Dhenkanal Odisha!

Here we have a lot of opportunities to help the poor little children .any one can help them with money or give them extra things like clothes and shoes’, education. Etc.

There is a slum nearby our house and people living in that slum are from a tribe namely Juang. The slum is situated near NH 55 and very far from the government Anganwadi centre. So the little ones cannot go and get their government given facilities. They are left out. Even the school is very far and children not willing to go to the school. The parents also not willing to send their children for safety sake. The children also cannot speak the state language (Odiya ) as they speak their tribal Juang language.  But in this Pandemic period no schools no Anganwadi nearby. So during these days all the children are just playing and no opportunity to learn or get basic education. Therefore we thought of taking this as advantage and teach the little kids the basics. That’s why we have arranged a tutor of their own tribe so that he can understand their language and can able to teach them well.

We have nearly 17 kids who can’t go to any Anganwadi Centre. As we know that Anganwadi provides the kids uniforms, shoos, study material, one time cooked food with one boiled egg, protein powder (wheat peanut +chana+ maize + beaten rice). But they are unfortunate to get benefit from the given material.

We seek sponsor and Support for this Project .


Name of the Children  

S.L. No. Name of the Child Age & Gender  Class Fathers Name Mothers name
1. Chandan Padhan 2/M .. Mr.Sanjay Padhan Mrs. Priyadarshani
2. Parvati Padhan 3/F Mr. Padim Padhan Mrs. Sakuntala
3. Karina Padhan 3/F Mr.Kuna Padhan Mrs. Geeta
4. Tulasi Padhan 3/F Mr. Prakash Padhan Mrs. Pushpa
5. Raju Padhan 3/M Mr. Bhaba Padhan Mrs. Vilash
6. Sangita Padhan 3/F Mr. Dashmant Mrs. Savita
7. Mama Padhan 4/F Mr. Bibhuti Padan
8. Sabitri Padhan 4/F Mr. Babula Padhan Mrs. Swapna
9. Sidhant Padhan 5/M Mr. Duruja Padhan Mrs. Mamata
10. Varsha Padhan 5/F Mr. Vinod Padhan Mrs. Namita
11. Sampurna Padhan 5.F Mr. Santhosh Padhan Mrs. Sita
12. Jharana Padhan 6/F Mr. Bibhuti Padan Passed away
13. Badal Padhan 7/M Mr. Vinod Padhan Mrs. Namita
14. Sonali Padhan 8/F 2nd Std. Passed away Mrs. Sushama Padhan
15. Subash Padhan 8/M Mr. Jukar Padhan Mrs. Joshoda
16. Rupali Padhan 10/F 2nd Std. Mr. Babula Padhan Mrs. Swapna
17. Varsha Padhan 13/F 7th Std. Mr. Prabash Padhan Mrs. Sushama



  1. Budget 1:- Snakes & Food for children + Tutor per day
Sl. No Items Quantity & Price Amount
1. Per day milk 150mlx20 = 3lit Rs. 150.00


2. Biscuits Rs. 4×20 Rs.   80.00


3. Tutor from their own Tribe Remuneration Per day Rs.  50 +Rs. 50 food Rs. 100.00


4. Chalk 1 box Rs.    10.00
5. Total Amount   Rs. 340.00
  1. Budget 2:- Monthly Expenses:-
 SL. No Items Quantity & Price Amount
1. Milk Rs.150 x 30 days Rs.   4500.00
2. Biscuits Rs.80 x 30 days Rs.  2400.00
3. Tutor food+ remuneration  Rs. 100x 30 days Rs.  3000.00
4. Chalk Rs.10×30 days Rs.     300.00
5. Total Amount Rs.10200.00


  1. Budget 3:- Other Study Materials
S.L. No Items Quantity & Price Amount
1. Slate 12.nos x Rs50 Rs.  600.00
2. Note Book 5no.x  Rs.50 Rs.  250.00
3. Pen & Pencil 1.pac.pen& 1.pac pencil Rs.    60.00
4. White Board writer 10nos.x Rs.25 Rs.  250.00
5.  Drawing book 10x Rs.30 Rs.  300.00
6. Total Amount Rs. 1460.00


                                                         Monthly Gross Net Amount Rs.12000.00
















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