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Day care centre

Location:  Ramesh Metal Slums, Nerul, L.P., Navi Mumbai

Vcare have started a day care center in L.P, nerul and was started on 01may 2008 as this place is near the quarry area and having 200 hutment, Most of the children in this place waste their time and there is no adequate water supply and even w/c. vcare have rented a place among this place so that children’s among this area will taken care, age group which attended in this centre is 2 yrs to 15 years. Proper teaching is given to them, with voluntary teacher who have joined from different school to help them.

Children are talented and they have been taught value education, hygienic, sanitation, Personality development. This children are taken for field trip and student who voluntary themselves for this project…Vcare look for the development of this place with help of the local people who joins hand for this work, as vcare have done Medical program, Drawing competition, Talent explosion. Vcare look forward for brighter prospect for this area…