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Future Projects

To Purchase Permanent Building for Palms care foundation

Fund raising campaign will be formulated in order raise fund for the building Project

A) To construct home for the orphan Children/ distress cases

B) To Build High schools for the unprivileged children

C) To develop community development programs

D) To build rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics

E) To build old age home (neglected people)

F) To build hospital for unprivileged children, ladies, Destitues,so that they can be treated well

G) To build and run non profitable center to create job opportunity lower class people (like making handicraft item, wooden structure, wood item which is used day to day.

H) To build center for ladies to get them trained ,so that they can stand on their feet like (tailoring class, making fried food item so that they can sell and earn money, embroidery class, fashionable bangle making courses,stiching class.

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