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Injured leg of 6 year old child Master Shankar who was begging in Vashi station was treated by Palms Care Foundation staff

On 20th June, 2013 we received a call from Mr. Atul Mobile no (987787258) regarding a beggar on the streets, aged 6 having a serious injury on his left leg. As soon as the call was received at Palms Care Foundation, our own Mr. Saibaba Shetty reached the place at 11.50 am and attended to the child. At first, the child said, he has no parents. So the boy was taken to the NMMC hospital for treatment. Reaching the Hospital at 12:15pm and filling the form for treatment, we proceeded to the OPD. There the doctor informed that an X-Ray of the injured leg will be required since the condition of the leg was severe. X-Ray was taken at 1:15pm and the reports were out at 2:25pm. The Reports showed normalcy with regards to the bone and ligament structure. The Orthopedic doctor then bandaged his leg. Mr. Saibaba Shetty then was to drop him at the nearest Police station, when the boy said he stayed with his sister in Vashi Gaon. After taking him there, his neighbor informed that Shankar lived with his mother, step father and sister.

So Master Shankar aged 6 years was handed over to their neighbor at 3.20pm and complete treatment was done by the Palm’s Care Foundation.

Palms Care Foundation would like to thank Mr. Saibaba Shetty, staff of Palms Care Foundation for taking all the effort for this child.

May God Bless Him

Nelson Samuels
Palms Care Foundation

Nelson Samuels