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Medical camp Nerul- 15Aug 2008

Event: Medical Camp
Location: Ramesh Mittal Slums, Nerul, L.P., Navi Mumbai
Age-group: All age-groups
Conducted by: Vcare & Dr. Roselet & Nurse Mrs Mary Kutty
Date: 15 Aug 2008
Timing:1100 Am to 1600 pm

Vcare has a burden to reach out to the un-reached people in the slums and hence over 6 months have been regularly going to the slums and interacting and helping these slum dwellers. We saw that a lot of the problems faced by those people and the kids in the slums, rooted to ill-health of the parents, children and neighbor, so we decided to work against the source of the problem and therefore conducted a Medical Camp, to deal with this problem.

Vcare arranged for a Doctor and organized a medical camp and some of the team guys went up the hills and to the corners of the area to call the people for the Medical Camp. People came in huge numbers. Mainly women came down as they were the ones who were mostly ill and they only came down to take medicines for their husbands, children also received freedom from their diseases. It was awesome to se3e what a big difference the Medical Camp made to the lives of those people.

This has encouraged us tremendously and hence we plan to organize Medical Camps or at least something on the Medical front for the people of Ramesh Mittal Slums, where in sometime we will see healthy people around and thus an increase in the employment rate.


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