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Ngo Project with Indian Institute of Management ,Indore

Ngo Project with Indian Institute of Management ,Indore
( NGO visit PGP MUMBAI 2012-13 )

Palms care foundation would like to thank all the student who showed their interest and partnered with us in the survey project – Ramesh Metal , MIDC area , Nerul, NAvi Mumbai, These student visited each hutment and took all the data , which was necessary to indentify the needs of slum dwellers.

The objective of this project was to understand and collect data for each family and create data base ,which would be used to indentify major problem faced by slum dweller.

Palms care foundation would also like to thank all the professor and responsible officer for choosing their student to partner with us,
also all the student , Ankur Sinha,Anurag Mehra,Gaurav Bhawanani,Gunreet ,Joydeep Chatterjee,Karri Kartik,Koparde Rakesk Raju,Loveesh Jaiswal,M Ajay Kumar,Mihika Yadav,Mrinal Thakur,Nitesh Kumar,Vivek Ranjan Gupta who put their best for this project

May God Bless them for their Hard work

With Love
Nelson Samuels

Nelson Samuels