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  1. Provide development and care for the poor, orphans and destitute children from the economically weaker sections of our society with a special emphasis on slum and rural area development.
  2. Managing and running Day Care Centers for the children from the slums.
  3. Provision of Voluntary medical aid and temporary treatment for the destitute and dying.
  4. Literacy campaigns for the children of slum and pavement dwellers.
  5. Free education programs for poor and needy children.
  6. Sponsorship scheme for the education of the economically backward, blind, handicapped and leper community.
  7. Empowerment of the Women living in the slums of the city
  8. Conducting counseling sessions and other related self development programs for the families in the slums.
  9. Opening and running Schools (Balwadi’s) for the poor children.
  10. Opening orphanages and old age homes for the neglected children and medically unfit.
  11.  To make the poor aware of their constitutional rights and providing information about other concomitant free development programs run by the local and central governments in connection with providing free medical facilities, value education, health care, sanitation and free HIV/AIDS education and testing.
  12. Helping the victims of natural calamities like hurricanes, floods, etc through resource planning and allocation.
  13.  To aid and run small scale industries to generate jobs for the poor and hence inculcate self dependency through such schemes as:
    • Technical courses for the males in the slums.
    • Tailoring and such related courses for self employment for the female members of the slums.