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Slum Picnic Central Park Kharghar 12may 2012

Date: 12 May 2012

Area: Kharghar (Central Park)

Location: Navi Mumbai

No of Children:38

Volunteers: 10

Palm’s care  Team had another opportunity to bless and organized picnic for the slum children of Ramesh metal, Nerul.This day began with joyful moment, as all the children got up early morning waited for us in the community hall , all the children were given batchs  and all the list of children name was entered in the registered  and  group photo was taken before they left , all the children left the place sharp 9 am, all children were excited and thrilled to go for  picnic . Around 38 children were taken and one winger van  took all the girls and another sumo took all the boys  to Kharghar .Central park  which is well know  and it is located in kharghar  All the children enjoyed in the swing, slide, played games, and lots of other activities. They were provided with snacks, Samosa ,Juice  and few song was sung  for them by the volunteer .  All the children enjoyed this day and all the children were blessed.

Palm’s care foundation  wish to thank Mahima school children for volunteering for this picnic ,special thanks to Mr Panchoo, Mr Indresh, Shaihasta,Johnny,Saidev,Devesh, Vilas.


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