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Annexure I

Palm’s Care Foundation, is Navi Mumbai based NGO that works for the upliftment of the underprivileged, needy children, women, destitute and the aged. Our activities aim to improve the level of awareness in the underdeveloped classes of society through slum development, Holistic health care, women empowerment, and livelihood generation.

Annexure II

At Palm’s Care Foundation, our activities aim to improve the level of awareness in the underdeveloped classes of society through slum development, awareness creation, women empowerment and providing related support thus catering to the needs of the underprivileged & needy children, women and community as a whole. We undertake the following projects:

  1. Apna Wadi (Public Community Development): Focus on mobilizing creative forces in selective areas through encouragement and help.
  2. KIBO Centre (Children’s Home): Many children are deprived of parental love and care from a very early age and their very birth marks the beginning of a constant struggle which ultimately leads them into antisocial behavior. ‘The Palm’s Care Foundation’ provides through personal mentoring programs, a feeling of true belonging and all round family oriented atmosphere which would then help in inculcating necessary values for the proper growth of the child. Through Palm’s Care Foundation’s projects at KIBO center, we aim to provide for such orphaned children coming from the streets, slums and red light areas.
  3. Choti Si Asha (Medical & Education): Through this project we aim to provide basic health care and medical facilities to the old, destitute and the helpless. We organize medical camps where we provide free medical checkups.
  4. Aur Ek Koshish (Women Empowerment): This is an initiative to empower the girl child. Keeping a family healthy would mean ensuring that the mother is healthy and empowered to take proper decisions to enable the child to grow well. Sadly, Women have been the focus of various malpractices in our society for a long time. In our foundation, we organize programs to train and develop the women of our society to make them independent and self-reliant. We also provide education as means to support this cause.

Annexure III

Palm’s Care Foundation is responsible for conducting several activities in the slums such as: Medical camps, Drawing Competitions, Clothes Distribution, and Value added programs, Shoes distribution, Slum Children picnics, Talent explosion, Entertainment programs, and Women empowerment programs.

Palm’s Care Foundation conducts these programs every year to benefit the adults and children. This drive is to provide necessary resources like food, clothing, shelter and education to all. It also includes joining hands with other NGO’s to get more value added as well as other facilities to help treat diseases like HIV & AIDS.

Besides this, the organization is running a children’s home for the past 4 years. The children are well taken care of, in a healthy environment while being provided with proper food, better education, good clothes, entertainment facilities and regular medical checkup.

We the trustees would request you and your organization to consider our request in supporting us and joining us in helping the society.

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