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Wilson College Activity session with childrens and Ration Distribution in the slums of Koperkhairane

Date 21/28 Sep 2018

Wilson College initiated and carried out an activity named “Food for Good” in collaboration with Palms Care Foundation. The goal of the activity was to commence a social service campaign of their choice to understand the functionality of contemporary society.

The project was given under the subject ACS (Advertising in contemporary society) for their 3rd year of a Bachelor’s of Mass Media.

The students devised the plans of a food drive in certain slum area of Koparkhairne, Vashi along with various fun and educational sessions with Palms Care Foundation.

The participating students from the college are:

Mustafa Bagasrawala (25)

Rahul Menon (26)

Meghna R Gupta (31)

Cassandra Pacheco (40)

Richa Rajpurkar (45)

Aparna Sharma (88)

Friedel Gollapalli (98)

Nelson Samuels