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Christmas Program : NERUL MIDC: 29 Dec 2008

Event: Christmas Program
Location: Ramesh Mittal Slums, Nerul, L.P., Navi Mumbai
Age-group: 5-13 years and all age-groups
Conducted by: Vcare Foundation
Date: 29 Dec 2008
Timing: 1600 pm

As we all know Christmas is a festival which is celebrated all around the globe. Partying, Dancing, Eating and Feasting is what normally goes hand in hand with Christmas parties, but this time we thought we will do it differently.

We decided to party and celebrate with the kids and people from the slums, here also we added a little bit of a twist. Since, Vcare regularly works with the slum dwellers, especially kids. We decided to start 1 month before Christmas and this time, involve the participation of the slum kids, in the performances, so we trained them to act and sing and dance and they were even more excited and happy, it was like they were performing for us and their parents.

This way we were able to gain the trust of many more and also the parents, were more comfortable with us. This was the best opportunity to involve the kids in the celebration by exploring their talent and making them proud in front of their parents and friends. This got us much closer to the kids as now they moved on from mere spectators to participators and organizers, so this Christmas was definitely a BREAKTHROUGH for VCARE.


Nelson Samuels