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Founders Message

Founder of Palms Care Foundation

Founder of Palms Care Foundation

Warm Greeting to all dear Friends & Brothers

We came to you, this day with one goal to share our Love & care, which, we received from the people where we were working, among the poor, rural area; slum or neglected people for last 10 years, our thirst and dedication to do more have given birth to Palms Care Foundation that is how this Trust came into existence.

This NGO or Trust which is existing, is purely God led and we are just the care takers. This Trust which was given to us is based on Isaiah 49: 16, since we are not the owners, indeed God has founded it & pour out in our heart and now we are obedient to this call. We cannot run this mission unless; we ourselves do not have love for one another & show compassion upon others, to those who really need our support & Help.

Our Theme is will you be my friend and help us.

We are here to carry His Work.

Nelson Samuels & Zenith Samuels
James 1: 27