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Support Needed :Old Age Home : Elderly widow and Young destitute women who need care toward dignity and survival.

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we seek support for this noble cause.






 India, one of the largest democracies in the World has a Population of over 1.2 billion as of today. Most of the people in India are living below the poverty line and are facing many problems, viz., lack of food, shelter, health care, education and un-employment and thus the people live in utter poverty. Poverty has always been recognized as the major cause of death and disability. Poverty brings on lack of safe Drinking Water, inadequate food, poor health care and poor education. All these will have effect on health.

The poverty situations in Indian context, reflects in the State ofOdisha. The families in slums and rural areas are normally large and often face the problems and the earning members of the family unable to cope up with the situations. Sometimes they may not get work to earn. Eventually they migrate to other places in search of livelihood or starve to meet death or disease. The struggle of the poor starts in the womb. The Womens Specially widows and destitute are suffers from the consequences of malnutrition in the mother.



 Palm’s care foundation was sprouted in the year 2008, in Navi Mumbai by a group of Socio – spiritual, economic leaders who were led by Mr. Nelson Samuels an eminent, social activist of the locality.

A New Beginning:

The Palms care foundation, has set up a home for widows and destitute women at Odisha that houses several unfortunate women who have lost their husbands or have been discarded by their families. The Home for Widows and Destitute Women ensures an honorable life for these women in a safe and secure environment and helps them raise their kids in serene, healthy, and comfortable surroundings. The Palms Care Foundation) will provides these women with various vocational courses and employment opportunities to retain their daily living with honor and self-respect.

Nowadays, almost all the old age homes (OAHs) in India are fully occupied with residents. Why Indian elderly have to reside in old age homes?


 Misbehavior of son and daughters-in-law (29.8%) was found to be the most common reason for residing in old age homes. Conclusions: Many elderly in India are opting for OAHs as their place of stay in their later life. Foreseeing the future the government and voluntary agencies in India must make arrangements for institutional support and care for the elderly.

Reasons for Living of Elderly to In Old Age Homes: An Exploratory Study

© The International Journal of Indian Psychology  |    59

The factors compelled the OAHs residents to reside in old age homes:

The most common reasons were misbehavior of children (29.8 %)  and  poverty/no financial

support  (29.3%).  Other factors were to serve the almighty GOD  (9.1%),  loneliness (8.0%),

adjustment  problem  (5.7%),  nuclear  family  system  (5.1%),  having  no  son  (5.1%),  children

settled  in  abroad (2.2%),  children  do  not  want  to  keep the  elderly  due  to their  physical  &

psychiatric illness (2.2%), life threats from children (1.7%) and better facility in old age home



 After the husband died, the women’s life becomes a tragedy in Indian society. They are seen as sins and isolated. They have come under poverty, sex abuse, isolation of the community, and working place issues. Children’s education is a questionable one and they can’t meet the expenses of education. So, women are putting down their children’s education and care. Daily her life is covered with so many issues and burdens.

WHAT WE DO: Project description:

 Palm care foundation is working for widows and destitute women in skill training, sewing machine provision, rights, and other welfare activities. It is retrieving the women from abuses, exploitation, and isolation with economical self-reliance. It is supporting their children’s education and free from child labor creation. And we start a movement or awareness campaign among the women in the community on women and widows rights and govt. benefits through community participation

We create open platforms for widows and other women all over the Society where they can come together and engage with decision-makers on issues that concern them. Through these platforms, widows will be trained, empowered, networked, and supported.

We promote culture through cultural festivals that aim at promoting widows’ rights, widows’ involvement, and widow participation. We hold music, arts, and sports festivals for widows, other women, and their children that promote widow’s rights.

In some areas across the country, there is diminished food production and a lack of opportunities to generate income which results in a chronic food crisis. We equip widows with skills that will help them start their income-generating activities and be in a position to come out and even apply for jobs (in cases where they have certificates).

Advocate for the rights of widows to be protected and recognized. We train widows’ on how to access affordable health service as they prioritize their household’s health.


 Identification of widows in the village

  • Conducting counseling sessions.
  • Conducting Motivational sessions
  • Meetings with families and guardians
  • Awareness session on widow rights
  • we want to get involved with the life-changing work
  • we continue to transform our communities,
  • We do everything with community participation.
TIME FRAME :LONG TERM (Budget will be reviwed Annually )
S.L. No Particulars Notes & Explanation Amount  in INR
A. Food Expenses
A-1. Grocery,Snacks,Tea,Milk,Vegetables,Non-veg. items @ Rs. 2000 /- Per Month,  per head  (2000x15x12 3,60,000.00
A-2. Cooking gas 2no. @Rs.700 x3 x 12 25,200.00
A-3. Honorarium to Cook @ Rs 5,000  /-  x12 60,000.00
A-4.  Hon. to Helper to Cook @ Rs 3000 /-  x12 36,000.00
Sub-Total 4,81,200.00
B. Dress Materials
B.1. 4no. Nighty, 4no. Saris with Blouse & in- scot Sets, Sanitary Pads @Rs.2000 x 15 x12 3,60,000.00
B-2. Supplies (Soaps, Surf, Oils, Dettol, , Brush, Paste, and cosmetics , Floor cleaner) @Rs. 500/- per head /per month  Rs.500 x 15×12 90,000.00
Sub-Total 4,50,000.00
C. Other Expenses
C 1. Medical Expenses (consultation fee, medicines ) @ Rs. 1500/-p.a. per person x15 22,500.00
C-2. Games, Sports & Yoga Materials Rs. 2000 p.a. 2000
C-3. Recreational Facilities (News Paper, Magazines, etc.) T.V. Rs.600 x12 7,200.00
C-4. Festivals & Celebrations , National day Observation 10,000.00
C-5. Photography For Case studies & Program Reports 3,000.00
C.6. sightseeing once in a year 20,000.00
C-7. Water & Electricity Charges and Electrical Installations Rs.1500 x 12 18,000.00
C-8.  Building Rent @Rs.15,000/-  x12 1,80,000.00
 Sub-Total               2,62,700,.00
D. Honorarium
D-1. 1. Warden (1No) @ Rs 5000/- x12 x12 60,000.00
D-2. Part-Time Vocational Teacher (1 No.) @ Rs. 3000/-x12 36,000.00
D-3. Part-Time Dance & Music Teacher ( 1 No.) @ Rs. 3000/-.x12 36,000.00
D-4. Part-time Doctor (1 No.) @Rs5,000/-x12 p.m. 60,000.00
D-5. One Nurse /ANM @Rs.5000 p.m. x12 60,000.00
D-6. Driver @Rs,6000 p.mX12 72000
Sub-Total 3,24,000.00
E. Recurring Office  Expenses
E-1. Printing & Office Stationary @Rs. 500 p.m. x 12 6000
E-2. Postage & Currier , Internet & Telephone Charges @Rs. 1500 p.m. x 12 18000
E-3. Travel Expenses (for official work  ) @Rs. 1000 x 12 12000
E-4. Fuel,(Petrol & Diesel) @2000×12 24000
E-5. Repairs and Maintenance 10,000.00
E-6. Utilities & Sanitation (Electrical charges, etc.) 25,000.00
 Sub-Total 73,400.00
F. Non- Recurring ( One Time)
F-1. Cooking Vessels & Utensils                    20.000.00
F-2. Furniture & Fixtures ( Fan, lights, Table, chair,                    70.000.00
F-3. Bedding Materials, ( winter Cloths/ Blankets, Sweeter, Bed sheet, Mosquito net, etc.                    20.000.00
F-4. Solar Inverter  ( as per approved dealers rate                    30.000.00
F-5. Musical instruments for cultural activities.                    10.000.00
F-6 Bed @Rs.5000×20 1,00,000.00
F-7 Almiraha-10no @Rs.7000×10 70,000.00
F-8 Desk Top Computer 25,000.00
F-9 Printer With Scanner and Xerox 15,000.00
F-10 Projector 25,000.00
F-11 Sewing machine  10.nos @Rs.7000×10 70,000.00
F-12 Leaf plate, Paper plate making machine For Income generating program 2,00,000.00
F-13 Gas Stove ( Big Size) 10,000.00
F-14 Aqua Guard water purifier 0B 22,000.00
F-15 Miscellaneous 10,000.00
Sub-Total 6,97,000.00
G Consultancy on legal matters @Rs.500 x 12 6,000.00
G-1 Preparing Legal documents & Affidavit @Rs.500×12 6,000.00
G-2 Incidental Expenses @Rs.1000×12 12,000.00
Sub-Total 24,000.00
H Infrastructure Establishment
H-1 Land- 5 Acer @Rs.5,00000×5 25,00,000.00
H-2 Building 40,00,000.00
H-3 Ambaulance 8,00,000.00
Sub-Total 73,00,000.00
Grand Total of -Sections A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H
A-Box Sub-Total 4,81,200.00
B Box – Sub-Total 4,50,000.00
C- Box Sub-Total 2,62,700.00
D- Box Sub-Total 3,24,000.00
E- Box Sub-Total 73,400.00
F- Box Sub-Total 6,97,000.00
G- Box Sub-Total 24,000.00
H- Box Sub-Total 73,00,000.00
Grand Total 96,12,300.00

Nelson Samuels