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Apna Wadi

In the service of our Community!

The community surrounding us and the interaction of the people therein decides the manner in which society prospers and grows. A vigorous and dynamic community aids the thought process of an individual to greater heights of achievements. We at Apna Wadi, endeavor to create such a dynamic pool of human resource which lives and breathes life in whomsoever it touches. Our purpose is to mobilize such creative forces in our community through encouragement and help. Different programs in our schedule include;

  1. Youth mobilization through a process of educating, training, learning and developing.
  2. Emergency distribution of resources and supplies to creative centers we identify as potential growth targets.
  3. Counseling on safe sex practices and diseases such as AIDS which are spread through such practices.
  4. Marriage counseling for the communities in slums.
  5. Cleanliness drives for slums and basic information on proper sanitation and its effect on health through the prevention of harmful diseases.
  6. Recreational programs for the old and destitute.
  7. Free tuition’s for children in slums
  8. Other activities in relation to the above we initiate from time to time.

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