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Support Needed :Health Support for T.B Patient – Mr. Biplab

Date 10 June 2020

Health Care Support for Mr. Biplab Mallik

(Chronic TB Patient)

A Brief Report

Mr. Biplab Mallik S/o Mr. Kalinga Mallik from Dankuniya Slum of Dhenkanal, Odisha, aged 20, completed 10th std. and while studying 11th std. he fell sick and diagnosed as affect with TB disease. Since 2018 he completed TB course twice but it did not work out well.  Now he became a chronic TB patient.  He is losing his weight and unable to walk without any support. Since 2018 he is suffering. The Doctors suggested a surgery to be done. But due to less weight it cannot be done. Puss is deposited in his lungs. He needs some nutrition diet. So we could provide him some fruits, bread, protein   powder, Biscuits & milk etc. His father is a daily wager as well as a drunkard. He does not take care nor has any responsibility of this boy. Due to Covid 19 situation he also cannot go for work. His mother is house wife. He needs a good treatment.  He was unable to get nutrition diet, so his mother contacted us through her son in law for some help. That’s why we could visit him.  After seeing his situation we contacted some doctors checked his medical history and also according to his suggestion we came to know that his main problem is that he is losing his weight. He needs good food and nutrition support. Therefore we provided the following food items for him

  1. Apple 1 kg.    120.00
  2. Grapes 1 k.g.                  140.00
  3. Sliced bread 1 big size            40.00
  4. Biscuits 3 packets               120.00
  5. Milk 1 lit.                  50.00
  6. Protein powder                   Rs.  578.00   (500 gm.)
  7. Egg 1 dozen                  60.00

Total Amount                                               Rs. 1108.00   (One Thousand One Hundred eight rupees only)

We seek support for this patient .



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