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Mumbai is known for its hospitality and moreover known to be a city that buzzes and as a city full of life. However, behind those city lights lurk the reality of life; and they are many lives that are so full of pain. Our Palm’s Care Team was deeply stirred within our hearts by the sight of the numerous broken children, women and aged. Our first reaction was of pain and brokenness. But then we got together and as a team we shared the burden with each other and decided that we will do whatever it takes to reach out and help the people in this pain to relive, restructure and restore their lives.

Palm’s Care Foundation, is an NGO that stands with the belief that our hands are a blessing to provide care, support and help to that portion of society especially the children in the slums & the street, the helpless women and the aged.

We have decided to take part in the ‘Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 2014” as the Mumbai Marathon helps thousands of NGO’s across the country raise substantial amounts thanks to the generous contribution of corporates and individuals.

Here is how you can help in this noble endeavor, you can now join with us in reaching out and providing care, support and help to these oppressed & orphaned children, helpless women and the aged who have been neglected or separated from their loved ones, by formally supporting Palm’s Care Foundation at the upcoming Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014



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