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Slum Children Picnic, 17 Apr 2010

Date: 17Apr 2010
Area: Belapur (Mango Garden)
Location: Navi Mumbai
No of Children: 40
Volunteers: 7

17 Apr 2010
Vcare Team had organized picnic for the slum children of Ramesh metal, Nerul.This day began with joyful moment, as all the children had already prepared themselves around 9 am, and it was tough calling to select which to take since all wanted to come. Around 40 children were taken and 2 cars transported them to Belapur Mango garden. All the children enjoyed in the swing, slide, played games, and lots of other activities. They were provided with snacks, frooti and lots of water as it was hot. This garden had beautiful ducks in the pond. All the children enjoyed this day and they were blessed. Vcare wish to thank mahima school children for volunteering for this picnic