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(KIBO Centre)

Location: Plot-28, Sector-1, behind Terna College,Koparkairane

Children’s Home is runned by vcare foundation and was started on 15Aug 2008, with area of 97 sqm with ground plus 2 floor, the Row house is will structured with all amenities for the children and the staff, with adequate space for the entrance and veranda for the children to play, presently home is having 4 children and 5 staff to cater their need, proper medical and Doctor are available to meet during emergency. Children are well taken care and proper schooling is done for them, we have teacher and nurse to assist them.

They say every person deserves a family. The loving kindness bestowed by a doting mother combined with the reassuring presence of a father figure essentially shapes our existence and character from the time we come into this world.

But to many this very love is deprived. To many, their birth marks the beginning of a constant struggle with the society to find love and recognition in the eyes of another.

“I have no name, no family and no Identity”
Hello- I’m an Orphan….

Through our projects at KIBO Centre, we aim to provide such orphan children, coming from the streets, slums and red light areas with certain basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing and a healthy, loving and caring family atmosphere. Our purpose is to ensure that we develop such children into healthy and responsible citizens that will help shape their tomorrow.

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