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Community Development activities-Nerul slum children

Date : 31 MAR 2013
Total no Volunteer : Nelson Samuels,Alpesh, pretesh, Deepu, with IIM student- Indore
Time : Morning 10: 30 am to 1300 pm
Area: Ramesh metal quarry, Nerul, Navi mumbai

This easter Sunday Palms care volunteer brought again creative activities to present to the children of Ramesh metal quarry, Nerul, all the children gather in small room ,being EASTER Sunday , many children approximately around 95 children came forward and participated .All the children were taught to say Good morning ,with basic value education about cleanliness were imparted to them and activities started with a word of prayer , Tenr songs where sung and all the children picked up these melodies song Pretesh and Alpesh and Deepu , pinky, pallavi,nidhi the local girls sang the song.

Children learn ed four new songs and a moral story were taught to them, around 95 children were gather for the morning program, all the children spend one hour in the teaching session , Today it was important Sunday , today children sang enjoyed the singing

All the children enjoyed this fellowship and activity session, which they wait every Sunday morning. Children got bun and sweet at the end for snacks.

Nelson Samuels