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Medical Help- Mr. Thakur Mallik


Mr. Thakur Mallik

A Brief Report

Mr. Thakur is the only one earning member for his family, aged 58 year. He has 2 sons and one daughter with her  2 kids. Daughter is married but her husband left her so she is staying with her father Mr. Thakur. Thakur’s daughter Mrs. Mamata has one girl and one boy baby.  She depends on parents even now.The elder son is Mr. Julum Mallik, who is mentally disorder person. He cannot do anything of his own; he depends on his mother always. He is nearly 30 years old. 2nd son also a dependant member in the family.

Mr. Thakur is a chronic asthma patient however basically a driver in occupation but suddenly he developed a wound in his left leg and it did not cure for a year. He could not walk and suffered a lot. The leg was swollen up most of the time. Instead of going to the doctor he went to the witch doctors and the result was worse even. He came in contact with us and we advised him to go to the government hospital for better treatment. After many efforts he went to the hospital and now slowly recovering but he lost 2 fingers.    Several times we helped him by providing grocery items, medicines and other much needed things like, tarpaulin, as he has a small hut which is leaking during the rainy season.  Now he is jobless and daughter is engaged as daily wager but due to corona situation cannot continue her work. They are in need of financial support.

His house is a thatched roof ( of paddy straw) . He has to mend his roof every year. This year we provided him some help. Some medicine for his leg and an inhaler provided him for he had breathing problem. As he was unable to go for work we could provide him 2 months grocery too.

Items                                                                                    Amount                               Date

  1. Ayurvedic medicine                                                                 750.00            on 14th Feb, 2020
  2. One inhaler (for emergency use)                                               650.00           on 14th Feb,  2020
  3. For bamboos, wood and paddy straw / chaff                    3,000.00           on  12thMay,2020
  4. Towards grocery in the Month of April       1500.00           on  4thApril,  2020
  5. Towards grocery in the Month of May                   1500.00           on 4th May,  2020

Total Amount is                                                                          Rs. 7,400.00






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