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Picnic for slum Children : Nerul MIDC: 23 May 2009


Date : 23 May 2009

Area : Ramesh Metal Quarry

Location : Uran Phata, l.P, Nerul

No of children participated : 17

Voluntary : 8

Picnic location : Vashi Mini seashore, Navi Mumbai

It’s almost an year since we started slum Ministry in the Ramesh Metal Quarry. We decided to celebrate the anniversary by going for a picnic. As the slum children also desired for a

Picnic, we decided to take them to mini seashore in Vashi. All arrangement were nicely made, but on 23rd morning the driver of the bus was not available, ultimately we decided to commute by two cars.

Nelson reached the Quarry at7:45amand gathered the children. All of them were highly excited. We had expected 40 kids, but only 17 children came( 6 boys and 11 girls ).As some of them went to their natives and some were not sent due to fear of water. The children arrived at9.30amat the venue. Nelson and Marshall drove them to the garden, we team members who played the role of volunteers i.e Zenith, Tanya, Divya, Peter, Teira, Isaac, Benjamin welcomed the children.

It began with a prayer in the garden. One section had swings & slides and the children quickly made their way to it. At10.15amwe gave the children a packet of biscuit each and again they dispersed to play in swing, by then some more volunteers Benjamin, Vicky & Isaac joined. And they played cricket with the boys. By11.15amthey had to leave as they had a football match in the afternoon for which the children prayed.

We also conducted games like standing kho-kho and banging the city. At 11.45 we served them samosa and pepsi. By12.15pmwe winded up by clicking some group snaps. One group left by car and other group left by rick. By1.10pmwe were at quarry with the kids. We sent them off with one packet of biscuit and one frooti each.

Thanks to God and all volunteers as the picnic was enjoyed with no mishaps. God was in full control. And this way the anniversary ended with a picnic.

Vcare conveys thanks to Marshall, Benjamin, Vicky, Isaac, Peter, Divya, Teira for their support & needful help.


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